June 27, 2010

DAILY VOID - "THE ECLIPSE OF 1453" 12"EP (Sacred Bones)

Hot damn!Definitely one of the better Sacred Bones releases I've heard this year.This thing rips and shreds at from front to back.The Eclipse of 1453 is a bit more polished and put together than their previous output on labels like Hozac and Florida's Dying,but not enough to tarnish their awesomely grainy,noisy charm.These songs much more eerie and unsettling on this record.A definite plus,in my opinion.
Finally,mid 80's death-punk is making it's way back into record stores.This stuff is starting to pop up all over the place,and it's about time!I love this record.Six tracks of dark and viciously catchy punk anthems about death,dying and things that go bump in the night.The loose,cave-dwelling rhythms and rumbling bass lines propel their rather uneasy,venomous vocal barrage through a tattered echo-chamber.This shit is the real deal.Short and fast and "get the fuck outta the way" written all over it.Specimen, 45 Grave, Screamers, Christian Death, Black Flag, and Flux of Pink Indians might come to mind,and that is definitely a good thing.I hope we get to hear more from these guys,STAT.

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