June 29, 2010

THE LASTERS - Allergic To Your Face" - 7inch (Bat Shit)

   I picked this up on a whim, which as we all know can be a quite dreadful experience.More often that not, it's straight to the dollar bin.But alas, L.A.'s Lasters come through and rule the pool.I can't seem to put this down.Nostalgia?Straight-forward, intensely vicious punk rock and roll done right, with some cool timings and layers of noisy feedback.It's pretty simple music, really.And with these types of noisy punk/rock bands hat seem to be coming out of the woodwork in swarms, there are certain charms and/or elements that set them apart.The good ones that is.Let's be honest, most of them tend to sound exactly alike.A sad truth.But what keeps Lasters soaking with relevance, is their ability to cram a wide variety of styles into a great 2 minute track.And they do it oh so well.

  Jagged Wire-esque guitars trample over everything in their path, just before kicking into overdrive and causing some real noise damage.These riffs teeter on a very fine line between pop-punk power chords, and some weirder progressions that would make Mission of Burma proud.There's even a hint of Dead Kennedys' weirdo-surf riffage at times.It works.Some killer tempo changes keep things interesting,but things are pretty speedy for the most part.Boisterous vocal sneers are drenched in distortion and just enough reverb, spitting bitter verses and insanely catchy anthems.A strangely awesome recipe,that seems to suit them just fine.They are a nasty bunch,that seem to play well within their circle,but do not play well with others.Punk is very much alive,thanks to bands like Lasters.

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