June 4, 2010

NERVE CITY - "SLEEPWALKER" 12" EP (Sacred Bones)

Another little gem from Brooklyn's Sacred Bones.Originally started as a reissue label,they are now releasing some of the more uniquely relevant records coming out these days.Nerve City's "Sleepwalker" is a very nice addition to their diversely awesome catalog.

Not unlike label-mates Fresh and Onlys, The Pink Noise, Nice Face,and Vermillion Sands - Nerve City has got this lo-fi pop-over- an-AM radio thing down to a science.There are more than enough of these types of bands popping up all over the states lately,and most only a handful of them will we possibly remember this time next year.Nerve City is sure to be one of them,for me anyway.I can't get enough of this guy.

Nerve City is the home recording project of a man named Jason Boyer,from Richmond,VA.He's got a few solid releases out there on labels like Hozac,Sweet Rot,and Kill Shaman.For Sacred Bones,he gives us "Sleepwalker",six jangly,vintage radio tunes with enough insanely catchy melodies to stick to your brain for weeks at a time.Trust me.It's all here.Early 60's inspired vocal harmonies- check.Washed out,surf-y guitar jangle- check.TONS of treble and reverb dripping from it all- check.Tambourine- check.The songs possess a bitter and lonely quality that make this album dark,and bit more mysterious than his past releases.Tales of love and loss and everything in between.Not to say that it's a downer in any way,quite the opposite.These are mid-paced shakers for short drives,headphones and morning rituals.Some elements of twangy blues and folk do surface often,but it's not long before things start moving again.A very good time for very bad times.This will make your summer a good one.Also,check out his equally awesome new LP on Sweet Rot,now!

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