June 6, 2010

*New MAHJONGG track -"Wardance"

Chicago synth dudes Mahjongg are back with a KILLER motorik-machine race they call Wardance,the first single off their upcomingg LP on K Records.They have always been known for mixing it up,tearing it up,and pasting it back together however the fuck they please.Churning out every style in the book,from neo-funk,lo-fi soul,to straight up cold wave and electro bangers.They have absolutely done it again with Wardance.A driving,chaotic synthesizer war that never lets up til' it lets up.Catchy synth-arpeggios race against robotic drums that are tightly wound together in unison.The vocals are slightly treated,spiteful and coherent shouts proper for these mechanical rhythms.This is a bit of a change for them,and will most likely make for a more aggressive live act.I can only hope that the rest of this album can own up to this bitch.Awesome.Fans of Neu!, La Dusselfdorf, Harmonia, Faust and other kraut pioneers alike,take note.This is the real deal.Out July 20 on K.Listen to the track below.

Mahjongg- Wardance


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