June 7, 2010

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER - "Returnal" CD/LP (Editions Mego)

Oneohtrix Point Never,otherwise known as producer Daniel Lopatin, has been filling our heads with sparse and dreamy electronic music for quite some time now.And his latest venture Returning takes us further into the depths of his analog bliss.This record is almost like a never ending color palette,floating mostly in the brighter yellows and oranges,it will sometimes delves into the black,never to return(al)..Sorry.Layers upon layers of electronic pulses and analog-synth arpeggios mingle with each other within the delicate and dense drones.They eventually wash away,only to reveal more waves of synthesizers coming in.There is a very simple and melodic charm hiding in these deep and desperate drones,that keeps the overall mood light and airy for most of this.That is until a collision of bleeps and blips melt into one another to form a dark,murky swell.Lopatin knows his way around that Juno,that's for sure.

This is his first recording in which vocals are present.Instead of clear and coherent lyrics,Lopatin used his voice as another layer on his already teetering stack of sounds.A good move on his part,considering that the presence of a storyline or theme would only distract you from what is really happening in this hypnotic music.Using himself as an instrument this time,and not just playing one,makes this all a bit more involved,and kind of helps to complete the vast musical puzzle that is Oneohtrix Point Never.His most accessible work to date.A perfect soundtrack to your painfully average day or night,dream or nightmare.It's all here.Listen with headphones.
He's got a mega-limited cd-r out on Upstairs now.Awesome stuff.Good luck with the hunt.Click the link below to hear a track from the album.Thanks to P-fork for the linkage.


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