June 19, 2010

THE PHEROMOANS - Cassette (Night People)

  Yet another awesome cassette tape from Iowa's NIGHT PEOPLE label.This is a good one,folks.The U.K.'s PHEROMOANS are making quite a glorious racket this year.They've had a handful of releases on various labels like Sweet Rot,Hozac,Night People,Convulsive,and even our own Aural Pleasures imprint.Their sound is a primitive clatter.Rules and regulations don't apply to this.Nor does the word "cohesive".This tape is 28 minutes of angular,bare bones garage-punk at it's finest.So pure and uninhibited.This reminds me of Door and the Window's quicker moments,and The Shadow Ring in their most primal form.Heavy on treble and easy on the studio tricks.Their charm lies in the fact that there is absolutely no production value,whatsoever.With Pheromoans,what you see isn't exactly what you get,but what you hear is exactly what is being played.It's hard to tell whether or not some of these tracks are live or being recorded in a tin can full of glass.Angular guitars play slightly out of tune,as the drum kit falls apart around them.The punk-turned-poet vocal warble is not unlike that of Mr. Mark E. Smith's,but less coherent/more drugs.This band is sharp and inventive,and they're output is vast.Pheromoans are owning 2010's lo-fi art-punk resurgence.Good shit.

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