June 20, 2010

WAVVES - "King of the Beach" LP/CD (Fat Possum

  In the last 2 years,Wavves has become a household name.A staple in the lo-fi pop movement.Nathan Williams has toured excessively in support of just a single record.Last year's Wavvves LP was a big deal,a very big deal.The kid has done pretty well for himself.On his most recent keg party,King of the Beach,he continues his youthful celebration of skateboards,surfing,booze,pizza,baseball cards and super soakers.His music is chock full of childhood memories and 80's California nostalgia.Musically,Wavves hasn't really changed their simple formula,or really progressed in a major way.However,Williams and his newly formed band(Jay Reatard's backing band)have traded in their patent fuzzy 4-track jams,for some real studio time and production value.This information may terrify the longtime Wavves enthusiasts,and rightly so.But,the big studio production actually does these charming ditties some justice.It's not exactly a perfect and polished affair by any means,and even with their new found clarity,Wavves still retain a grainy,lo-fi pop quality that they are known and loved for.They seems to have a bit more energy behind these tunes,maybe as a result of the recent full band vibe.There is some obvious chemistry that lies within them.A new element to add to Wavves otherwise introverted,bedroom-pop vibe.
  King of the Beach is a fun listen from front to back.The songs are catchy as ever,and quite witty despite their humorous titles.There's some really nice,laid back beach-pop balladry here and there.,even some funky dance numbers?Whoa...The addition of Vibes,Synth and Xylophone melodies make for a rich and textured sound that can't be found on their past releases.A much fuller sounding record indeed.Some will say that Wavves have sold out,which is a term better left for dead.The truth is,Wavves have matured,grown into themselves,and taken themselves a bit more seriously for the better of the music.Love them or hate them,this is going to be BIG.
Expect another LP soon,a collab with Z.Hill of HELLA.Stoked?Me too.

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