July 7, 2010

DRUNKDRIVER - "Born Pregnant" LP (Parts Unknown -2008)

Brooklyn's Drunkdriver play harsh and noisy hardcore the way this stuff is supposed to be played.Totally punishing and unforgiving songs of hate and death.FUCK YEAH.I haven't even come close to getting into this sort of affair in quite some time, but I was won over by the first two minutes of this record.The recording is surprisingly lo-fi and amazingly shitty sounding, an uncommon trait amongst the "true" hardcore community,I suppose.This tends to move into Black Flag territories, like any good modern hardcore band.But they cover a ton of styles here, ultimately birthing their own brand of charm in the process.The vocals will make or break you with this stuff, and unlike the distorted, mumbled blandness of most heavy bands these days, Drunkdriver makes things pretty clear.These dudes are pissed.One of the first coherent lyrics I picked up on was "I hope this hurts.." from the first track "The Accident".A loose and brooding intro kicks this off..enter the stop/go drums crashing with precision, agonizing moans at war with chugging buzz saw guitars, and screeching feedback off in the distance and things start to get ugly.It goes on to rock the fuck out right to the end of the song,with just enough tempo changes along the way.

  And it only gets better from there...The songs are tightly wound and well written, heavy and driving, with all sorts of stops and starts within that are constantly throwing wrenches in the gears.Nothing too fancy though, it's pretty much a straight forward mental beating.A slew of killer metal riffs, trash can drum spatter, and more than enough echoed vocal assault for your brain.The production value, or lack thereof, actually does them a big favor by giving these songs an awesome live feel and some real depth, rather than the boring studio polishing that is somewhat expected.A great debut LP by a great new band.They have a new record out now,but I figured I'd start here.Check them both out.

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John Kerny said...

hey dude, do you by chance have the lyrics to "Women (the Blues)" from this album? it would be much appreciated! thanks!