July 20, 2010

HOT GUTS / POP.1280 - "Split 7 inch" (Badmaster)

 Ornery Cirtter's early vote for split record of 2010, hands down.If you are already in tune with these seminal acts, then you know what kind of badass-ery to expect here.Hot Guts, who share members with FNU/Chickens, run their half into the ground with two very heavy and very awesome tracks.Both songs seem to come from two completely different worlds, as most of their work seems to do.Heavy on the blown-out riffing and syncopated drum pounding, they combine to create rich textures and vast landscapes.The vocals are clear and untreated, goth dipped hymns and borderline chants.The lyrics are hopeful yet spiteful tales, and rest perfectly in the walls of sonic power they build around them.An early Swans influence is present on all ends of the spectrum.
 The recording is a bit more polished than their Badmaster debut 7", but their clarity doesn't take away from the heady fuzz that surrounds them.If this is any insight tho their upcoming full length, we are all in for quite a treat.

  Pop. 1280 takes over with a song called "Neon Lights", a mid-paced downer that fills their entire side of the record.A dense and sputtering synthesizer dirge kicks things into overdrive, as brash a throaty lyrical upheavals coat the band's usual driving, percussive beat down like a crude oil poured over busted pistons.Their woozy, damaged guitar noodling is similar the sound of a rat drowning in a new york sewer.There is fair amount of power behind their ugly chord structures that keep things moving.Pissed Jeans' gloom, and Black Flag's drive are definitely obvious traits, but this is the sound of a band doing things on their own terms, and giving nor a fuck about stepping outside of their style, or even stepping into one to begin with.
 They just recorded their upcoming 12" entitled "The Grid", out soon on Sacred Bones.Both of these bands are quickly taking over 2010's heavy music bracket, and sure to make end of year lists all over the place.

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