July 14, 2010

WOODEN SHJIPS - "Vol.2" CD/LP (Sick Thirst)

WOODEN SHJIPS 'VOL.2'..Is this review even necessary?This San Fransisco group's output has been so incredibly vast and mandatory, I feel like this information should be available on at least a hundred sites by now.But for those who are new to their magjic, I will continue to rant..
  A few years back, Wooden Shjips: Vol.1 was given to us.It covered the band's handful of 45's and singles,etc..A really nice introduction to this amazing band's broad range of styles.Dubbed "best psych-rock band in the US" by many publications and fans alike, it's not far from the truth in my book either.They possess a certain level of power on and off stage, that very few bands have in the current psychedelic underground.It seems like there's a new act trying to pull this kind of thing off almost daily.And don't get me wrong, there are some good ones out there, but Wooden Shjips ave been at the top of their game since their debut self-titled long player.
  Their second LP "Dos" only justified all of the hype revolving around them, and even took their live show to new sonic heights, somehow.The songs were focused but jammy, and gave props to new wave and synthesizer-based music of the early 70's.It reminds me of the earlier (and more experimental) half of the Brain Records catalog, and doused heavily in Amon Duul II's influential juices.Yes, krautrock is alive and well..A future classic indeed.
  In March they unleashed Vol.2 on this world, and it's every bit as good as anything I've come across with their hands in it.It's got a KILLER cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Contact", which send my brain in circles every time I hear it.And when you can actually bring yourself to stop restarting that one, you will find that "Vampire Blues" is probably the best thing since Suicide and Cluster did that collab..er, wait..Just pick this up and make some time to get to know it well.Fingers crossed for Vol.3.

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