September 20, 2010


  If you are familiar with either of these two insanely talented ladies, or any of their other projects, then you will know that you are in for quite an amazing treat with this collaboration LP.Long time L.A. psych-chant-charmers Pocahaunted front-woman -Amanda Brown, provides the better portion of the music on this record, conjuring up her somewhat patent dub-soaked-psych washes, and more than a few layers of lo-fi bumps, claps, and hazy low-end dirge to keep you swaying along to.Grainy synth drones slowly build and swell up only to fizzle away, as new melodies are being introduced constantly throughout the song.Sometimes a solid and rather "funky" bass line will sneak it's way in, if only for a second, providing a bit of swagger beneath the surface.A fair amount of this is somewhat comparable to Brown's recent dub/lo-fi soul project,Vibes, only slower and darker.
  While Brown contributes her woozy, more psych/dub inspired embers, Nika Danilova aka: Zola Jesus tosses her goth inspired, desperate croon onto the fire and really sets this ablaze.Her deep and affected, soaring voice immediately finds it's way into Brown's chanted howl.Setting a tense and foreboding tone that flows through these songs.At times, their voices sync up in such perfect harmony it sends chills up your spine.They never seem to drown each other out or butt heads, and instead form a single, beautiful and powerful voice.Together they create vast, vibrant movements that spiral upward, taking some unexpected twists and turns, gently landing you back on your feet.An nearly perfect blend of bright, pastoral flashes and dark, cavernous hymns .Best collabo record of 2010.
"There is no light without darkness".

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