November 22, 2010


The Aural Pleasures Label has two fantastic new cassettes out tomorrow!
APR-05 is a new full length cs from Oakland's TURRKS.With a handful of ep's, lp's and splits under their belts under the Bipolar Bear moniker, the boys return with another fine batch of songs, a new name, and some unexpected surprises along the way."Bisbee" is the name of the new album, releases on the Deleted Art label as a vinyl LP pretty recently.They've also got a great new 7" out on the Rococo label."Bisbee +" contains both of these awesome releases as one full length cassette album.Following the same tattered path as last year's killer "Harlem Pripyat" LP, Turrks continue to weave a lush and hypnotic web of crawling bass lines, mesmerizing drum patterns, thick walls of guitar noodling, and a well-treated vocal barrage.These new songs don't stray too far from their past efforts, but there's something here that is distinctively new and unheard on those past releases.Taking cues from early 90's math rock confusion, post-punk's low-end praise, and more than enough Monorchid and Jesus Lizard worship,respectfully, they have perfected their bizarrely catchy style far beyond expectation on this record.A fresh and revived take on their own craft,If you like to rock weird, check this one out for sure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
 APR-06  comes to us from Philly's HOT GUTS.These boys have been generating quite a bit of clout in the last year or so, with their blog-adored debut 7" on Badmaster, an equally compelling split 7" with the awesome POP.1280, on the same label, and they are in the final stages of their debut full length, as you read this.Be excited.Their latest cassette, entitled "Secret Runners" takes quite a left turn from the Guts you have grown to love, and concentrates their efforts on much darker, brooding drones and delves deeper into goth and industrial territories.Fans of Chrome, Swans, Suicide, Coil, and Throbbing Gristle are going to melt all over this piece of plastic.Two of these tracks were taken fro their recent studio sessions, and two of them were captured live between 2008-2009.They are all unreleased as of yet, and will surely surprise current fans, as well as turn out plenty of new ones. On Runners, they've traded in their dense, heavy riffing, for some equally damaged analog synth blankness, and guitar dissonance fills the air just out of reach.Even the percussive assault they are known for has been morphed into pounding drum machines and electronic clutter of early industrial music, and no-wave harshness.The vocals have dropped a few octaves, and pair up with their instrumental approach perfectly.Churning out some rather dark content in the form of dull chants, and breathy croons.Definitely a giant step into the shadows foe them, and we are hoping that they will linger there just a bit longer, before totally flipping us upside down again.This is the real deal.

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