November 23, 2010

Stolen Thunder/Notorious Lightning: This is NOT NOT FUN.

The Not Not Fun label, based in L.A., is comprised of the nicest, inventive, and hard working people I have had the pleasure of communicating with.Each of their releases is a strange and colorful journey into the bubbling tar pits of your subconsciousness, and all the hype that surrounds them is more than well-deserved.They just released a grip of new records to marvel over/sink into.Try something new, or try five or six somethings new..

Sex Worker (ex-Black Eyes/current Mi Ami) - waving goodbye lp
                                                         Topaz Rags - crown center 7"

Bored Fortress- split 7" club
                                                   Robedoor - burners lp (this kills.)

                                                         LA Vamps/Matrix Metals  - collab lp

                                                    The Deeeep -life light cs

                                                         Angel Eyes - cs

                                                      LA Vamps/Zola Jesus  - collab lp

                                                       Swanox - dawnrunner cs

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