January 14, 2011

WATER BORDERS - "Akko" 12inch (Hungry For Power)

  The rather young, UK based Hungry For Power label has been releasing some pretty great sounds as of late, and quickly becoming our newest obsession.With a few excellent ep's from outsider acts like Peepholes and Cold Pumas under their belt, they now give us a giant monster of a 12" from San Fransisco duo Water Borders.I've been reading a bit of hype around their video for a remix of the track, featuring vocals by Glasser, going on about how "disturbing" the images are.I've watched it a few times now, and it is a bit unsettling, sure.See for yourself below.

   Akko, meshes elements of early 80's goth and industrial gloom, with a bit of heathen folk strumming and down-tempo electro clicks and cracks.This thing is the real deal.Imagine the more ethereal moments of Coil's "Loves Secret Domain" used as a backdrop for a somber Andrew Eldritch ballad, with Death In June strumming along in the background.All off this is clear and present, and other downer acts of the last few decades may catch your ear, but there is something terrifying about this track that sets is apart from other recent things of this nature.There are some pretty horrific tones floating around throughout, and some equally chilling shrieks and moans make their way into the mix as well.Industrial machine-kicks and sharp snares crack along steadily, dragging the piles of woozy synths and acoustic strums through the mud and into a giant hole, where they perform ritualistic dances around a fire.

  It's hard to pin something like this, based on a single track and a few remixes, but if this record is any indication of what Water Borders are shooting for, we are more than a little stoked on what they're new EP will do to us.Big win for the dark arts.More to follow.

Watch the video for Akko(feat. Glasser) here:

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GOD DAMN,i'm so happy this is coming back around again.