January 9, 2011

White Ring/oOoOO - split 7" (Emotion)


  Witch Haus...yup.You've heard of it.I'm sure your weirdo friends who pretend to be neo-goth introverts, but are really cool as a fucking cucumber, spit this term out at random.It makes me giggle.
White Ring is a talented young gal from NYC, who is sometimes joined by friends in a live setting.On "Roses", she conjures up some fairly dense, ultra thick synth blasts, and throws them up against crispy, bangin' machine drums.Her voice lurks somewhere between soaring melody and horrifying shriek.Both seem to work rather well next to the giant walls of analog synth wash and the heavy boom-boom-clap.I am a huge fan of their demo cd-r, which is probably long gone by now, but worth the hunt for sure.
  The flipside offers up a brand new studio track called "Seaww" from our beloved beat lurks, oOoOO.This act has been dick-stroked by just about every "top-notch" music blog you can think of, and they are about to get the same treatment with this one as well.I just love this stuff.I've seen them compared to Salem more than a few times, and I suppose it's not so far off base, but they've got their own thing going on for sure.I've even heard people compare them to "Art of Noise in drag"...pretty rad.Slow moving, tattered 808 beats, coupled with other random shakers, bass drops, and things that rattle wildly are laid out as the foundation for some rather dark and ethereal tones.
  Weird film  and voice samples are slowed down, sped up, disassembled, and reconstructed into catchy rhythms and chilling synth swells.Their music is for the most part a very dark and haunting affair, but they are good at sneaking in these very faint, uplifting melodies amongst the haze of their psyched-out whirls and ghostly beat collage.This stuff has a tendency to drift into nothingness, and stay there for the remainder of the song, or album, but oOoOO are kind of stellar songwriters, or producers, rather..whatever works for you..and most every bit of this is a compelling, ritualistic listen.Recommended.After you soak in this for a while, check out their recent ep on the young Tri Angle label..Stunning.

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