May 16, 2011

MEDICATION - "Judgement Day" 12"EP (Sacred Bones)

  CT native Mike Hyde has been making solo music under the Medication moniker for over four years now, and he's recently released his second collection of tunes, this time for the cult-ish Sacred Bones label.What started out as just a few songs he'd lent to a friend's film score, followed by a few songs on Myspace, has since blossomed into a fully functional band touring act.In 2009, he released a full length on the ultra-busy Hozac label, which led to a national tour with The Duchess and the Duke.For the last two years, Hyde's been hard at work on new material, the result is a fantastic six song ep, entitled Judgement Day.Medication's music is nothing you haven't heard before.There's no wild effects, and nothing all that experimental or weird about it at all.What you see is what you get, a busted sounding acoustic and electric guitar, tambourine, organ, and the occasional drum stomp.Bare bones garage rock, meshed with outsider blues riffing played at half speed, echoing from the depths of a well hidden cave in the middle of the desert.Hyde's voice is a desperate and tuneful mess, and might recall the more listenable tone-deaf ramblings of Jandek.His lyrics are full of bittersweet lines, dealing with things like heartbreak, leaving, and the toils of day to day life.
  Total loner blues jams, a bit dark and cavernous, perfect for late night whiskey binging and other substance abuse.Judgement Day's songs could easily pass for the slower Nerve City jams you've heard, but with a belly full of booze and downers.Everything was recorded straight to tape machine, which gives them an incredibly washed out, lo-fi charm.They almost sound as if it was dubbed straight from a 45.It's a comfy and satisfyingly lonesome listen, so draw the blinds, pour yourself some bourbon, and sink deep into the clutches of Judgment Day.

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