May 16, 2011

Psychedelic Horseshit - "Laced" LP/CD (Fat Cat)

  Many writers will say it is both unintelligent and juvenile to use profanity in any public forum, but FUCK, THIS IS A COOL RECORD.The term "laced" couldn't describe this Psychedelic Horseshit's new LP  any better.It's sound is indeed comparable to a loosely rolled ounce of homegrown good vibrations, sprinkled heavily with a neon powdery substance you might call "whatever, man".It's all here, in a fresh and decade-less form.A loose and gritty, gutter-tropicalia dirge is running shit, and this thing plays out like a drugged up, California poolside drum circle.With help from live steel drums, bongos and busted drum machines, the staggering, sputtered rhythms just keep piling one after another, always moving forward and are rarely fall stagnant.The instrumentation on Laced both menacing and total fun, like the musical equivalent of that wild dude at your party, the one who brings the bag of multicolored pharmaceuticals, and spends all night in the bathroom.It's unpredictable beast, and spikes Ducktails' cocktail with cheap vodka, talks Eat Skull into a line of blow, and drops 5 hits of acid into Sun Araw's beer.Sporadic bursts of keyboards are scattered all over the place, creating at least a thousand tiny melodies, all trickling down into the treble-drenched grooves.It's got a touch of dingy folk style to it, a scuzzy acoustic guitar tone and sharp harmonica parts, and a bass sound that sounds like it's be played inside a dumpster.The vocals haven't changed a whole lot since their last record, with a laid back, and careless delivery that couldn't be more fitting.You could compare his lazy, straight faced mumbling to Beck's earlier freak-folk days, just add a bit of grainy distortion, and crank up the "i don't give a shit" a few more notches.I've come to understand that a lot of this album is spontaneous and improvised, making for an all the more exciting listen.It's even a bit goofy at times.
  With an overall vibe that comes off as "beachy" or "tropical" sounding, the best track on Laced, ironically, is "I Hate The Beach".Possibly the most diverse, and definitely the longest song on the record, it starts out with a spattering snare smack, that sounds a bit like BBD's "Poison".Weirdo whatever-wave synths spiral outward, as the layers of wood blocks and cowbells begin to swarm.A rather un-enthused, monotone voice spouts off liness like "i hate the beach, but i like the nice weather" and "the neon haze and the LSD tide".Both of those lines pretty much sum up the entire vibe of Laced.Now, it's not a completely emotionless affair, "Dead On Arrival" is a slow burning tune, with low, heartfelt vocal lines and soaring synth surges, complete with sweet female backing vocals.If you like your bad vibes to slightly outwit your good ones, then you've found what you are looking for.Instead of buying that next bag of weed, go out and buy this record.

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